Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims Tribute

12/14/12 The Field Trip Day

Please don’t cry, we’re okay.
We went on a field trip today.
A secret place where there’s fun to be had...
And the principal's with us, so we won’t be bad.

It’s full of toys and rainbow slides.
Cotton candy and high cloud rides.
A funny zoo full of different things.
I even saw a man with wings.

We’re not alone so don’t you fear.
We’re chaperoned by Jesus here.
It’s really nice so I think I’ll stay.
And hold your spot till your field trip day.

I know Christmas is here and there’s toys to be given.
So please tell Santa that I’m in Heaven.

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  1. So so sad, Rest in Peace, Looking at there beautiful faces just breaks my donna