Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Weather Man was right and the Red Sky...

Well the weather man was right and the red sky the other morning sure was a warring.....the wind has been blowing so hard up here, there's no traffic on the road, the power went out for a few hours. Just as we got the generator all hooked up the power came back on and, wouldn't you know it we unhook everything and out goes the power again... Bailey hasn't ate much all day for he doesn't want to go outside, smart dog...he goes out and the wind comes up and he's like screw this and heads for the door. I took a few pictures every time they call for a nor'easter we can tell by the way the snow goes in our driveway when we had White Juan it blows all in by our back door, just like this storm. Just little bit of history White Juan was in February 17th,2004 it was the result of two storms coming together and that's the same way this storm formed and its in February as well.. Looks like another White Juan to me.... Last time greenwood weather centre had reported 44 cm of snow with more to come tonight... Won't have total amounts until tomorrow..

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