Monday, February 18, 2013

When Someone says...Driving is especially treacherous...........

.. so if you really do have to get somwhere... leave yourself lots of extra time.. What does that mean to you?  I was waiting to get off work this morning at 7 and all I heard on the radio was how bad the roads were and if the truck drivers cant stay on the roads then we shouldn't be on them either. I totally agree after my ride home I live out the number 12 hwy , I drove from Greenwich to Kentville and evey car either behind or in front of me was a good distance and driving to the road conditions. Now here is where the story gets interesting I came the Chester Ave way home and I was not on the road long when this car rid my Ass even trying to pass me, speeding up on my but, then slowing down, he turned off and long and be hold this 18 wheeler rides my back seat, now I was going 45 km that is what I felt safe for me due to white outs etc. I came to my driveway and it was total white out and I ended up driving another km before I could find a driveway without getting stuck in to turn around and just as I was on a little bend out by the feather plant this 18 wheeler that's riding my Ass passes me in a white out. I have attached photos I took of my husband leaving our driveway to go to work now you tell me I had to see if any cars where coming for him to leave, was it a smart idea for anyone let alone a 18 wheeler to pass anyone.

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