Sunday, March 24, 2013

Had company ...

Well we had company for supper tonight. Mom, Debbie, Allen, Sarah, Landon, and Joel. It was a great visit Joel gave us a scare he opened my basement door and down he went. I think we were more worked up then he was, thank god he didn't get hurt. He fell 15 stairs and didn't break a Bone, he may have a little bruise on his cheek. Joel wanted to help with the dishes he's just the sweetest.
I am so glad my mom and sister were able to get up today you did we'll Debbie. I love you :)

Thanks to everyone for coming we really enjoyed having you and look forward to having you over again soon.
Sarah was nice to finally meet you, hope to get together again soon.


  1. beautiful Iam so glad you had a great time xo

  2. Nice to see. Take care.