Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bailey got his Appointment Date....

Well I see no one bit on my little Aprils Fools yesterday, guess everyone was on their guard..

So I thought I would let everyone know Bailey is schedule for an appointment on the 16th of April.. He is still shaking and not eating much.  We have been spoon feeding him his water he just doesn't want to eat or drink... I thought I would explain what is going on with him to everyone so you have an idea what's wrong with him...

Intervertebral disc trauma in dogs:

The "herniated disc" is a common back injury in people who take a fall or strain their backs.

 Likewise dogs can suffer from herniated vertebral discs that can lead to severe pain or paralysis.
Between each pair of vertebrae there sits and Intervertebral disc, that compares to a jelly donut.  An outer fibrous ring called the annulus fibrosis is like the cake material called the nucleus pulposus, which is like the jelly"
 Pressure or trauma can cause the calcified materiel to bulge or explode into the nearby spinal canal, which houses the spinal cord, a process called herniation. The resulting pressure on the spinal cord can result in clinical signs ranging from pain to complete loss of feeling and function of the limb.

Decompression surgery can relieve the pressure on the spinal cord caused by disc debris. This is done by creating a hemilaminectomy, Which is similar to a surgical "sunroof "out of the bone overlaying the spinal cord and removes the problematic disc material, relieving pressure on the spinal cord. over 90% of dogs improve with this surgery.

When Bailey was 11 months old he went to the groomers and when he came back he was shaking really bad. I thought it was because I got him cut extra short, for I was due for an operation and didn't want him to be hot during the summer months. The next morning he was still shaking, I took him to the vet and found out he either fall or was hit,he had a herniated disc... I was so upset, I didn't know that a dog shakes when they are in pain, when I questioned the groomer her only words were he must have been going through the teenage puppy years he was a bit aggressive, now Bailey is not any wheres aggressive.. I have been so mad at this person and she does not do him anymore. He has been on medication since last may and it is not helping anymore so the only option is surgery. I will be posting with updates on how bailey is doing to keep you up to date.....

Diane & Bailey xo


  1. Hang in there Bailey doc will make you better.love you sweet dog xoxo

  2. Nellie and I are thinking of you.