Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bailey update....

Well I have been on and off the phone all day with the vet college and believe it or not they say they found nothing. They did a CT scan , Dye test , drained fluid off his spine to test for arthritis and they found nothing. The only other route is a MRI and they can not guarantee they will find anything either. So I have decided to go get him on Friday and bring him home. We are going to do pain management, yes they agree he's in pain but where is beyond me... Lets hope he will get on a pain medication and be able to live a normal life for a long time.... My experience with the vet college was not a good one, for being rated one of the best around , the only thing they were concerned about was the money end of it and not trying to work with me to find the problem. They just wanted to keep exploring more areas by doing more costly tests. They never even listened to anything I was telling them or my own vet when they called my vet. I can't understand how a vet here can see something on a x- ray and send me over there and they not even look at that x- ray but want to explore it them self . It was all about the money... I will be asking for a copy of everything the have done, for all I know they didn't do anything yet charged me .. We will see ...


  1. Let's hope so.
    Poor Bailey, had to go away from home for a few days and no further ahead...

  2. I hope you can fine something to easy his pain Iam so glad you are go to get him friday.your love will keep him going for a long time .I just love that dog xoxo I was so worry about you bailey just being there all by your self broke my you xoxoaunt donna

  3. Diane its awful they couldnt find anything. Maybe he will be able to function on good pain meds.
    See you soon.