Friday, April 19, 2013

No place like home........

Well we are home and bailey is right at home, just like he never went on a little vacation. How many dogs get to go on a 5 day vacation, get a punk rock hair-do, have all kinds of student veterinarians fussing over ya, get top notch treatments as far as the price tag goes, to try to find the root of the pain so we can treat it. Then come home a curl up on the couch next to you ,and look at you as if to it's good to be home, then closes his eyes and goes to sleep. Bailey is on two types of pain meds. They think he has nerve and so muscle damage. They say its not showing on the tests they did but that in humans it doesn't either at times. Now I feel they were just trying to get me to do the MRI @a price tag of three grand. With the pain management bailey will be able to live a normal life, we will just have to make sure he takes it easy and doesn't over do it.

I will post some pictures of his punk rock hair- do tomorrow lol

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  1. welcome home you sweet dog I just love you xo Aunt Donna