Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What a day....

Well it was a long day at the animal hospital in PEI our appointment was at 10:30 and we didn't get out of there until 4:15, and to be honest I really don't know much more then when I took him over. I am a little disappointed after reading about the college and how great they were. Bailey today of all days was having a good day therefore they thought I was the one with the problem. The Dr. was like he just ran up a flight of stairs the Dr. Said and he did this and he did that. I tried to explain that this is how he goes and that I wouldn't have came all this way if nothing was wrong with my dog. They ended up calling my vet here in New Minas however they didn't talk to the one that suggested I bring bailey to PEI so I will call her tomorrow. So for now the will watch him, not do the X-rays,CT San ,or MRI like I would like so we can see what is wrong with his spine. I am hoping that when I call my vet tomorrow that Dana will call them and give them a better understanding of what's going on for they didn't seem to think I knew what I was talking about.

My house is so empty I miss him like crazy and just want him home and to not be in any pain....

Then on my way home there was an accident and the traffic was crazy here is what we sat in on the way home

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  1. glad you mad it home safe.I would call them tomorrow order xrays .to me it sounds like they are going to take you for your money and do nothing for baiely.try another hosptial