Monday, May 13, 2013

Toronto Maple Leafs....

It was supposed to be Boston's night is what the head lines stated in the news. But thanks to the performance by the Toronto Maple Leafs the Bruins merely added to their recent history of making life difficult for themselves. They lost 2-1 to the Leafs tonight. Now the Tronoto Maple Leafs were my late brother in-law Cilffs favourite team and I could just see him tonight smiling from ear to ear, saying to my sister Donna and my Son Marty,whos favourite team has always been the Monteral Canadiens, which were eliminated in five games in the play offs. "What ya think now by". They used to always tease each other about their teams but tonight I know Cliff is smiling thinking their not so bad after all are they ....Now the Monteral Canadiens was my Dads favorite team as well and with Cliff and Dad together now, boy would I love to be able to hear the chatter going on tonight between them two after the game..  I love and miss you Cliff and thought I would post this in honour of you for I know you'd be some happy with your team this season. 

You are never more than a thought away....

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  1. very beautiful ..I thought of cliff last night to watching the game ,,Love and miss you Cliff great great job Chippy xo love always Donna