Saturday, June 22, 2013

Something to start your day off with a smile...

The other day I got some plants from my nephew Allen and his wonderful wife Sara thank you both very much.. and Thomas their little guy was helping put them in my car, when he saw my booster cables and he says to me:

Thomas: Oh you have jumper cables
Aunt Chippy: Oh you know what those are
Thomas: Yes
Aunt Chippy: I bet you even know how to use them better then your aunt..
Thomas: You just put the red on the red and the black on the black. I watch my Papa all the time.

I just took the laughing then Thomas turns and says to me:

"Aunt Chippy you just spend a day with me and I'll show you how those work"...

Kids say the cutest things sometimes and just make your day.. Thomas you are the best and Aunt Chippy loves you..

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  1. so cute they do say the cutest things what a sweet boy xo