Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Update on Trevor..

Well I didn't sleep much last night.... Trevor isnt  much better... He has Kennel Cough, can you believe that. I went and got him some allergy stuff today.. And believe it or not the best home reminde you can give is chicken soup, yes I said chicken soup just like humans when we get sick we all want chicken soup.. Another one is vitamin C, and Honey. Also by keep the air moist helps, 
Well I was out in the yard with the dogs today and I got to thinking its just like I have my boys all over again.. Marty was a quite baby, slept well right off the start, Bailey is a great dog,trained well and other then the back issue he's done well. Vince was born with asthma and breathing problems, well Trevor has kennel cough. I can remember keeping the room moist for Vince and giving him his puffers.. Sound similar... Hope you get better Trevor... 


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  1. omg hope this message finds trevor doing well, keep me updated please. kisses to him.. Rita