Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Update on Mark...

I have attached a write up that was on the site Kingscountynews.ca of an update on Mark thoughts and prayers go out to the family and Mark.


Supportive words and monetary contributions are still coming in for aNew Minas man injured in Thailand.
Mark Schofield moved to Phuket, Thailand, to teach junior high age students in August. According to family members, he was injured Sept. 6 in a scooter accident when he crashed into a pole after swerving to avoid a collision in heavy rain. Although he was wearing a helmet, Mark was badly hurt: suffering a broken jaw, two broken arms, broken collarbone, a shattered eye socket and brain trauma.
According to the Phuket News, Mark is being cared for at the Vachira Phuket Hospital.
His sister, Julia, and brothers, James and Scott, have set up a website where friends and supporters can get updates on the 34-year-old’s condition and make donations to help cover his medical costs.
Within four days, more than 1,000 Facebook users had shared the site and the donations had reached more than $40,000.
“We’re a little uncomfortable with how much traction it has gotten,” Scott said in an interview last week.
“We really don’t want to be looking for general public support," the Port Williams resident noted.
Tavis Bragg, who knew Mark when he was studying at Acadia, said his friend is “a natural teacher. He is charismatic, knowledgeable, patient and wise.
“He's touched the lives of many people here in New Minas and Wolfville. It's no wonder there is an outpouring of support.”
Some of Mark's childhood friends have added their support online, even those who haven't been in close touch since Horton High days.
"Mark was the kid in class that liked everyone, and everyone liked him, plain and simple. It's very easy to see why he became a teacher," Aimee FitzGerald Murphy told kingscountynews.ca. "It's very clear from his fundraising page that he has an enormous amount of support from family, friends, schoolmates and colleagues not just here in the Annapolis Valley but from all around the globe."
The family appreciates the financial support, but Scott and Julia sound more touched by the caring messages left by more than 500 supporters than the donations.
"People are sending their prayers and their positive energy,” Julia said.
Mark’s parents and wife arrived in Phuket Sept. 12 and were reassured by the quality of medical care provided, Scott said.
However, Scott reported  Sept. 14 that Mark’s condition seemed to have deteriorated. 
“Mark hasn’t been as responsive over the past three visits, and we are hopeful that it is simply fatigue,” he wrote on the website. “Mark also had to be moved out of ICU earlier than anticipated due to the high number of head traumas in Phuket recently.  The major concern right now is his left arm which suffered nerve and ligament damage.  They are unable to perform the necessary surgery at his current hospital - either he can return home or transfer to Bangkok, neither of which are options for him at this time.”
Scott added that Mark’s medical bills are already higher than expected. Earlier, Scott had said his brother thought he would have full medical insurance through his employer. Some of the mystery has been solved, however.
“The reason the insurance is not covering the costs associated with his accident is because they have a zero alcohol tolerance and there was some found in Mark’s blood upon admittance,” Scott wrote, adding anyone who wanted to withdraw their support could contact him.
He added the family is still touched by the concern and support from friends and strangers for Mark’s plight.

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