Friday, October 11, 2013

After 25 years...

I found this statement because I was recently talking to someone who had worked for someone for 25 years, yes I said 25 years and, they no longer work for this employer anymore. But what did you think their boss did for them? Well the answer was very surprising to me, Nothing, yes I said nothing. After working for the same employer for 25 years the boos didn't  even say good by  or thanks  for all the years of hard work. The person I spoke with was very bitter and rightfully so... They had been cleaning the same place for 25 years and to not even get a thank you, just blows me away. I know that another company out bid them to do the job but really....So therefore I had to post this

Believe it or not, People aged 55 and above take fewer sick days, adapt to new technologies successfully, and are more loyal to their employer than are their colleagues thirty years younger. And perhaps more importantly may be the only untapped workforce available.

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  1. i know not very nice of the boss a little thank you would not have been nice