Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tribute to my Mom

Here is the tribute I read today at my moms  funeral...

I want to thank you all for coming today. My name is Diane and I am one of Flo's  daughters 
Mom was born January 21 1929 in berwick. She was a compassionate, caring, loving and strong person. 
As many of you know my mom has had a difficult time with her health over the years. She has suffered multiple strokes, was hit by a car ,not once but twice within ten years apart, and lost her eye sight.  She fought very hard to stay strong right up to her last days.
Even though mom ways a little lady she was the strongest woman I know and not afraid to speak her mind. I could tell you many stories about my mom.
One time after she had one of her strokes and they came back from the doctors, Judy had put moms music on for her. Mom says turn that up , that's no good like that you can't hear it. You people need the dr for your ears not me. Some of the things she used to come out with you just had to laugh...

She raised 8 children 5 girls and 3 boys, she helped take care of her grandchildren she had 18 and 25 great grandchildren and 1 great great grandchild. She was a member of the Salvation Army home league society , the Christmas kettle campaign and she attended church every Sunday up until she became ill. 

Our family always got together every Sunday for Sunday supper where Mom made sure every single person was fed before she would sit and eat. During this time the ladies would all go through the Sear catalogue which in our house was known as the bible. My mom loved her Sears catalogues. We would have every room decorated a thousand times and had a outfit picked out for everyday of the year. Some of you found a Sears Catalouge on your chair today in memory of my mom.. I can see her smiling now..

Mom went to live with my sister debbie and her late husband cliff, after dad passed away in 2008. During this time mom received the best care and took in many events. There was nothing that mom didn't attend. They were always on the go, I know my mom will be missed as a co- pilot. 

Mom worked at MW Graves Ltd in her early years, but she also had another job moving furniture. Mom would rearrange a room ten times in one week so if you came one day you can never expect the room to be the same when you returned. 
I remember a time she moved and redecorated  the Christmas tree 3 times.

I am proud to stand here and say on behalf of my family. Moms love of her life was dad they were married 60 years and even through all the strokes she never forgot his name. It was the last thing she said before she passed. They brought eight appreciative children into this world, who will deeply miss them both . We have lost a mother, heaven received another angel, but Dad has his corporal by his side again.  Thank you all for coming to share your sympathy and condolences today. She leaves us with memories we will always cherish and honour for the Rest of our lives...


  1. Great tribute to your Mom , Diane.
    Parents are always hard to let go. Through thick and thin they are there.
    They make us what we are today, a living legacy of them.
    See you soon. Heather

  2. Beautiful Diane. xo.


  3. An angel among angels with a heart of gold and a unique way about her....she will be blessed always

  4. A beautiful tribute Diane! I am sure you did her proud!
    Hope to see you soon...♥T

  5. Diane it was beautiful and loved the part of the sears catalogue, well miss you Diane, see you soon.. xo

  6. by that was me.. Rita xo