Thursday, November 21, 2013

Little Hero and a Big Inspiration

Well the other day I spoke with Jacob Strerns mom Missy and well after speaking to her I can see why he's a little hero, and a big inspiration.

At 8 months old he developed a small bump on his back. In March 2013 he was disonged with Rhabdomyosarcoma a rare from of muscular cancer. He started treatments 2 weeks later at the IWk Children's Hospital in Halifax. In September Jacob and his family had to travel to the USA for Radiation Therapy due to the location of the tumor and Jacobs age, they arrived back home November 15,2013.  Jacob has been fighting like a trooper, his mom told me a few stories, and shared a few pictures. I remember this one of Jacob doing a summer salt with a IV sticking out of one arm...He's still a very active little boy, with a bright smile inspite of everything he's going through. 

This is a picture I got from the Facebook page love and prayers for Jacob it's a site the family has done to keep people updated on how he's doing.. .  

Here is a audio someone called Krock 89.3 about Jacob coming home.. This made me tear up... 

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