Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy..Happy.. Happy Day ..

Happy day everyone, well it's Tuesday sky is blue, sun is out and it is cold out.. I have been listening to the radio since I got to work and have to laugh.. Environment Canada was calling for 10 cm of snow with snow scrawls while everyone else was calling for sun with chance of snow flurries.. The guy on the radio was making jokes about it then just before lunch he says environment Canada must have looked outside they changed their weather forecast for today.. We are now getting sunny periods with snow starting this evening could see 10 cm and with snow scrawls..too funny..
Well we had two fire drills at work today fun fun fun is all I have to say..  Oh I should be saying Happy Happy Happy.. I will be making some more cards tomorrow I got a few neat ideas I want to try will post some pictures when I get them done.. I wanted to say I got a video the other day from one of the kids I send cards to and it had me in tears, happy tears what a sweetie it was just too cute and it just makes it all worth it..:)

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