Monday, April 7, 2014

Singing and Popping...

Have you ever drove down the road and saw someone either singing, popping their head or swaying to music..what goes through your mind when you see this.. Do you think this person is crazy, is either having a good day , or is on some cheap drugs lol.. 
Well today I was that person. We have had a shity winter, and today was beautiful.. It was sunny and the temperature was in the double digits. I was on my way home from town I was listening to some music on my jump drive.. When the song  by The Pointer Sisters " Suger Pie Hunny Bunch"" came on and well I just couldn't help myself.. I was singing and popping, music was cranked, and no I wasn't on any cheap drugs... I was just in a really good mood and it was a beauitful day... I am sure we have all had those days where we have done this.. I will say though the guy in front of me for sure thought I was crazy he kept looking in his rear view mirror and when we had to stop just starred at me.. Too funny.. People that went by just kind of looked at me.. 


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