Saturday, April 23, 2016

Trevor 1 year later..

As most of you know Trevor had two very large cysts removed and his shunt to his  liver repaired. Today marks 1 year that he had his operation and we are so happy to say he is doing wonderful. He has doubled his body weight since his operation. He was  6 lbs before his operation and now is 12.6 lbs
His coat has gone from a grey color to a nice pure white.. He is eating, peeing and pooping like a normal dog. We are so glad we took him to PEI to the vet college and had the operation. Yes it was a lot of money but when he gives us those special kisses and, they are special cause Trevor is not a kisses kind of dog we know it was all worth it. He's saying Thank you. We want to say thanks to everyone who bought tickets on the quilt, donated, and supported us in every way we really appreciated it.

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