Saturday, October 15, 2016

Should have been in the movies lol

Well we have the Kardashians and years ago we had Nick and Jessica, well I honestly feel we should of had the life and times of the Graves family cause we never seem to have a dull moment..

We have my niece who wanted to wash her car and was using the pressure washer and the inside was dirty .. oh you see where this is going.. well she asked her husband at the time if she could wash the inside of the car he was like sure... not knowing she meant can I presure wash the inside.  Well she presure washed the whole inside and we'll now she has a new car oh my we laughed ...

Then there is the time my brother in law took out a whole block of power to customers.. He and my partner were cutting down a tree and before you knew it power was out in the whole  area for 2 hours.. believe me you had to be there my sister and I never laughed so hard..

The many stories and things that happen go on, yes they are memories I wouldn't trade but dam I could be making a fourtne cause people would laugh their asses off and want to see the next show..

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