Monday, January 30, 2017

Celiac Disease..... My journey

What is celiac disease you ask..  It's an autoimmune disorder that's triggered when gluten is eaten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and other grains. It's the protein that makes dough elastic and gives bread its chewy texture.

This is my journey to gluten free.. I have developed celiac disease and yes you can develop celiac disease at any age. The only way to treat it is to take gluten out of your diet. 

So avoid  these following ingredients:
Graham flour

For years I have suffered with my hands and feet going numb and tingling, at times they would feel like they were going to burn off my legs. I would try anything I could to get the annoying feeling to go away and nothing. I have been to specialists only to hear I am healthy and they see no reason why I am having these symptoms. 
 I have lived with migraines all my life and in the last few years they have gotten so bad, I would just want to die cause the pain was so bad. I've been so tied and would ask myself why? I workout, eat healthy yet was so tired.  Back about a year ago I went gluten free for a while to see if taken gluten out of my diet may help with my migraines. Long and behold I didn't have as many migraines as I was, I still get them but nothing like I was. I wasn't as tired as, had been feeling either.

I was feeling really good and didn't have any gluten for 6 months, but as time went by I would have a bread here and there, or a piece of cake etc. Then one day I was at my friends and my eyes started to water so bad and my face swelled. I had a time I was at work and my hands and feet swelled super fast and I have no idea why. That's when Dr Shaffelburg  diagnosed me with  idiopathic angioedema it's a reaction similar to hives, it affects deeper layers of the skin..  and the cause is unknown.  It can happen at anytime, by food, or anything in the environment. This is why I carry an epipen.
I  have psoriasis starting on my face and in my hair.
I started to notice the more and more I put gluten back into my diet which is very easy to do.. The smell of homemade bread just kills yeah.. How can you say no.. Or the smell of fresh baked cookies Christmas time was a killer, and the list goes on, but my symptoms got worse.
Today I went to the Dr and we talked about me having celiac disease.. There is a test you can have which is an intestinal biopsy that the risk is so high he won't do it. So he suggested I take gluten out of my diet. If I notice my symptoms improved then it's the gluten. We are almost positive it's celiac as I have a number of signs. 

 When I had my hysterectomy about 4 years ago and I Had allergic  reaction to a  medication they gave me is when all this started. I remember saying to Dr Gunn that something in my system changed that day. My body became so sensitive..

So I thought I would start Blogging on my journey to Gluten free.. 

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